"Be The Best"

Jeff Montague helped shape your success.
Help honor him by creating a legacy at STHM in his name.


Success Inspires Success

Jeffrey Montague has his own success story. It has touched all alumni because it is the source of the countless lessons he has hammered home for every single STHM student and graduate for a quarter of a century. He has prepared alumni for success by anticipating the competitive environment in which their talents need to rise to the top and an understanding of the global, multicultural perspective one must carry in life.

To honor and thank this beloved dean, instructor and mentor, we are creating the Jeffrey W. Montague Scholarship so his legacy will always be part of STHM. Please help us achieve our goal and honor Jeffrey in this meaningful way. Let’s give back. For Montague!

“It’s Senior Seminar when you think of Jeff — one of the best academic preparations for the real world I’ve ever seen. Its concept,its design under the leadership of Jeffrey Montague, teaches our students about the importance of ‘giving back.’ Students contribute to a scholarship fund; join a professional association; and often engage in professional development in another city, like Austin, Los Angeles or Vienna. “The lessons in Senior Seminar may seem tough to an outsider but Jeff is preparing our students for success in life. And look at our alumni’s track record — it works!”

Betsy Barber
Associate Dean
School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Montague is always fighting for the underdog, the person who didn’t grow up in the best circumstances. He wants us to be able to contribute, and because of him, we do- more than we ever thought possible.”

Kate Isbel ‘12
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Montague always knows what is going on in your life and wants you to set goals and achieve them. ‘Get a 5-year plan, then a 10-year plan,’ he tells us. ‘Know what you want.’ I’ve never gotten better advice anywhere.’

Tim Nolan ‘09
Assistant General Manager
AKA Rittenhouse Square

“Anytime I need to change my life for the better, I turn to Montague. I call him before my parents sometimes. He will always be in my life.”

Karly Watson ‘05
Sales Manager
Pennsylvania Convention Center

“Everyone has a ‘Montague story’! Whether it was in the classroom, as an intern, after you started your career or eight years later when you switched jobs; you look back and think about all of your STHM memories and can’t help but relive one of those moments. ‘I don’t make friends, I make alumni.’ He made us better alumni.”

Jeffrey Rugg ‘07
Director of Sales, Special Events,
Live Nation Entertainment

Scholarships Create Opportunities

Many Temple students, including those at STHM, depend on scholarships to access an excellent education and launch their career.

For undergraduates, a scholarship can mean the difference between choosing to pursue a degree or not; between focusing on studies or holding down a job to make ends meet; between accepting an internship or passing on an opportunity. And when a graduate enters the marketplace, the lack of a scholarship may mean the burden of debt for years or decades to come. A Temple student, on average, graduates with $40,000 of debt.

The Jeffrey W. Montague Scholarship, like the man, is certain to change many futures. Help be a part of this lasting legacy.


A Roast And A Toast - June 3, 2016

A Roast and a Toast to Jeffrey Montague honors the 27-year career of this beloved Dean, teacher and mentor. His story is the source of countless lessons he has taught STHM students for a quarter-century. He has prepared innumerable students for success and we honor him with a Roast and a Toast, which will benefit a scholarship in his name.

Event Details:

Friday, June 3, 2016
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Hotel Monaco Philadelphia, 433 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia, PA