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Rho Phi Lambda Professional Honorary

Rho Phi Lambda is a National Honorary Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services Fraternity. Rho Phi Lambda strives to recognize Sport and Recreation Management majors who have exemplified academic excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Membership in Rho Phi Lambda cultivates student professional development, through networking opportunities, scholarship eligibility, resume building, and campus and community service initiatives.

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Lauren Langton, lauren.langton@temple.edu


Student Testimonials

"When becoming a member of Rho Phi Lambda, I was instilled with
confidence and pride because I became a part of elite students within
the Sport and Recreation Management major."
- Erin Brady, Historian of Rho Phi Lambda, Class of 2011


"I could not be more proud to be associated with Rho Phi Lambda, not only is it a great organization that focuses on recreation and leisure, but because of its small structure it provides every member with strong leadership opportunities."
- Kate Wells, President of Rho Phi Lambda, Class of 2011


"Being a part of an SPO, specifically Rho Phi Lambda has benefited me by giving me more interaction with students in STHM, a chance to help out the community through volunteering, and the opportunity to learn the responsibility of being a part of an organization run completely by students. "
- Adrea Meitzler, Vice President of Rho Phi Lambda, Class of 2011