Student Services


Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The mission of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) Graduate Student Association (GSA), is to provide STHM Graduate Students with opportunities for Networking, Information Sharing, Socializing, and Support in an effort to enrich the student experience and cultivate the professional and personal development of tomorrow's future leaders of the tourism, hospitality, sport, and recreation industries.

Executive Board

President: Britney Talty (M.S.)
VP of Finance: Lisa Thomas (M.S.)
VP of Operations: Nicole Schafer (M.S.)
Secretary: Kelly Gregg (M.S.) kelly.d.gregg
Fundraising and Events Chair: Debbie Zhou (MTHM)
Promotions Chair: Caroline Heffernan (M.S.)
GSA Associate Representative: Ben Heller (M.S.)

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